Top Digital Marketing Myths- The Truth You Should Know By Now

We all have our own perception about digital marketing which might not be true. Here are myths about digital marketing people generally have before getting into it. 

Myth 1. Content is not important

You may thing just running a website with a good layout can make your work done with your job but it is not true. Although the layout of your website is certainly important but on the same hand what content you are posting on your website is the most important work to be done with your website. If you want to attract the traffic, your content must be appealing and audience target oriented. You need to understand how creating the content is important for your website which must be relevant.

Myth 2. Digital Marketing is all about tech

It’s not all techie, It is the amalgamation of traditional marketing and digital marketing. ofcourse Technology plays an important role in digital marketing but traditional marketing play its own role to balance the digital marketing. The tactics used in digital marketing is tradition but with the help of modern technology. 

Myth 3.  Digital Marketing is Only for Small Businesses 

People generally believe that digital marketing is just for the small business. This is not true. Digital marketing creates a strong base for the small businesses and very effective promotions for the large businesses. Digital marketing is not rigid for only small business, Large business are utilizing digital marketing in social media platform to introduce their new services/ product to the world. It is comes out to be very effective for large businesses.

Myth 4- SEO is not effective 

There are lots of assumptions people makes about SEO that SEO is not effective, where the fact is SEO plays an important role in ranking up your website. Although it’s a slow process but it is very much effective for your website to generate the back-links and increasing the traffic to your website. Have patience and follow the process of SEO you will definitely see the positive result of SEO.
Even if Social media is in trend still SEO has the power to generate the high traffic to your website. 

Myth 5- Negative comments are bad on social media for your business

I have to say even if it is a bad comment. Still you are engaging the audience and you can provide a very pleasant and thoughtful response. It is important to give the positive response for the negative comments so that people will get to know that your support system is responding towards them and this will create loyalty and faith towards your brand. Interaction with audience is always a positive for your brand in social media whether it is a positive comment or a negative comment. Remember not to get harsh while responding to the negative comments always tries to convert them into positive.
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